Please take note of the following Terms & Conditions when ordering your Zet O Designs products.




  1. lf we send a quote through, please check your quote thoroughly making sure ALL details are correct. Quotes are only valid for 5 days from the date of dispatch of your quote.
  2. Manufacturing and printing may only commence on confirmation of approved artwork as well as an email to Zet O Designs with proof of payment of your deposit.
  3. Designing will only commence if proof of payment from your bank has been sent via email only.
  4. A 100% deposit is required before commencement of your order, unless you have an account, in which case we need a valid Purchase order from your company. NO CASH DEPOSITS ALLOWED
  5. AII artwork done by us will be charged for.
  6. Please note that no orders will be released without proof of outstanding balance.
  7. Orders take a minimum of 10 to 14 working days from the day we receive POP of your deposit and the artwork sign off. Lead time may vary depending on quantities ordered and the amount of workload currently in production.
  8. PLEASE ensure that all details on artwork are correct, including spelling, contact details, colours, layout etc. The customer will be held responsible for any artwork that was signed off and wrongfully printed.
  9. The items on our website are only for visual reference, as well as to see the variations and options of each product. An order must still be confirmed with an employee at Zet O Designs. We will then respond to any query you submit to us in order to confirm your exact preferences before invoicing. The invoice must then be checked by you to ensure all specifications are detailed correctly.
  10. Please note that colours viewed on the screen might not be the exact colours displayed on the end product. To ensure correct colour specifications, please supply us with a CMYK or Pantone Code.
  11. AII courier or delivery charges will be added to the client’s invoice. Unless arranged otherwise.
  12. Under no circumstances will verbal orders be accepted. All orders must be sent in writing, via email or WhatsApp to ensure that orders are processed correctly.
  13. Zet O Designs will not be liable for damage or breakage in the courier process, or after delivery. Zet O Designs use a third party courier service, ZOD is not liable for damage or breakage in the courier process or after delivery. You are welcome to add insurance to your shipment. You will be supplied with a waybill number and contact details for the courier company. You are more than welcome to order a new package.
  14. Payment confirms your order. If payment has been paid, we start processing the order straight away, so there are NO REFUNDS I NO CREDIT following a confirmation of your order.
  15. DISCLAIMER: We are very proud of the unique custom gifts we make for our clients. Therefore we advertise these products in order to showcase our talent and capabilities. If for some reason you feel you do not want your photo’s to be advertised. Please let us know during the ordering process.
  16. Our terms and conditions are extremely important for our clients. Please ensure you understand the items mentioned above before making an order, so that we can ensure you are getting exactly the products you’ve ordered, at the right time, at the right place.

If you are unsure of anything at all, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email with all your questions.